Damanhur Foundation is a not for profit organization founded in 2017. Its Mission is to share ideas, discoveries and social and spiritual technologies to support humanity evolve: collectively, individually and in connection with the living intelligence of our planet and the cosmos.

We deeply appreciate everybody’s donations and support to our Project, and we would be happy to be in touch to share more details.

Support the activities of Damanhur Foundation and become part of our Group of Patrons.

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  1. Support Damanhur Foundation

    You can support the activities of Damanhur Foundation and become part of our Patrons Group

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  2. Support the creation of the Parliament of Peoples

    Your donation will be used to create a place where the Guardians of the wisdom of the past to meet the visionaries of today, to inspire them to create a sustainable future of peace and equality

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  3. Become a Patron of the Temples of Humankind

    And become a Patron of the Arts of one of the most powerful Spiritual beacons of our times. Your donation will be used to continue building this modern cathedral to connect to the Divine forces that are now guiding the evolution of humanity. And to help every human awaken.

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